September 2008


Principal’s Message


Welcome to the 2008/2009 school year at Avon View High School.  First semester academics and activities are well underway.


Avon View High School and the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board are committed to the provision of high quality educational opportunities for our students in and outside the classroom.  This task is more difficult this year due to severe financial restrictions at the School and Board level.  Please read the attached letter from Annapolis Valley Regional School Board Chairperson, Mrs. Lavinia Parrish-Zwicker, and Superintendent, Dr. Norman Dray.


All activities and programs require parental input and support.  We are fortunate to have excellent volunteer coaches and advisors, but there is always a need for more.  The Home and School Committee meets the last Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm in the library.  Our School Advisory Committee meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm in the library.  It is very important to have parental input in the operation of the school and to be informed of the change in education and the direction of Avon View.  Please become involved and support the education of our students.


Student absenteeism is a major concern for Avon View staff.  Nova Scotia Department of Education regulations require a minimum of 110 hours of scheduled instructional time to receive credit in a full credit course (55 hours in a half credit course).  Student absenteeism severely hinders the academic success of students.  Avon View has an automated calling system that will call your home if your child misses one or more classes during a school day.  Your child has three (3) days to provide a written excuse to the office before disciplinary action is taken.  Parents/Guardians will be contacted when their child’s attendance record is deemed to be jeopardizing the child’s chance of academic success.  To improve communication regarding the students’ success, Monthly Academic Reports will be issued for each course.  The first reports go home on September 29, 2008.  Report Cards will be issued in November, February, April and June.  Notice of the Monthly Reports, newsletters and Report Cards being issued will be in the local newspaper, on local radio, cable TV, community notice boards and the school web site www.avhs.ednet.ns.ca the school web site will also provide you with links to teacher websites, email, and daily activities at the school.


Avon View continues to compile a parent/guardian email data base.  To include your email address please send an email to the school (avhs@avrsb.ednet.ns.ca) stating the name of your child attending Avon View.


When school began on September 4th students were asked to update their demographic information.  Many ignored this request so we ask you to contact the school if you have had changes in contact information.  Students were also asked to provide written parental permission to allow media outlets to promote school activities and the success of our students.  This policy has been developed by the AVRSB to protect the privacy of our students.  Please ask your daughter or son to provide you with the form or contact the school.  Please check the calendar for a list of important dates.  The next newsletter and Monthly Academic Reports will be issued on October 27th, 2008.


Larry Frenette



New Staff


We are pleased to welcome the following staff to Avon View:


 Mr. A. Comeau- French, English                
Mr. S. McNeill- Science    

 Mr. M. Elliott-African Canadian Studies, Mikmaq Studies- Substitute

 Mrs. S. Dunlop- Chemistry, Math- Substitute


Educational Assistants

Chris McKinnon

Christina Baker

Jeff Carter

Mary Sanford MacKenzie

Tracey Sanford

Renee Redden

Sharon Barkhouse

Jaclyn Daniels


We also welcome back the following teachers:

Mr. Garrigan- English, Canadian History

Mr. Harnish- Keyboarding, Career Access, Learning Strategies

Mr. McLaughlin- English Substitute


Student Services

Welcome students and parents to the school year 2008-2009 at Avon View High School.  We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our Student Services Department in hopes of better clarifying how we can be of support to you.


School Counsellors    -           Ms. Shawna Shiers (serving students A-K)

-                     Mrs. Barbara Hughes (serving students L-Z)

-                     Mrs. Stephney Hind (Teen Health Nurse)

-                     Ms. Maggie Burrell (Student Support Worker)

-                     Ms. Bonnie Church (Administrative Assistant)

The school counsellors hope to be able to support students who are:

a)      experiencing personal, family or school concerns

b)      requiring academic advising

c)       wanting to explore post-secondary career options

d)      wanting to work on anger issues, gender issues and over-all self awareness and development


Mrs. Hughes can be reached at 792-6743 and Ms. Shiers can be reached at 798-6631.


The Teen Health Nurse is available to staff and students for any health related concerns, providing health counselling and referrals to appropriate services. She can be reached at 792-6787.


The student Support Worker works with students of African and Aboriginal descent.  If you have any concerns, you can contact Maggie at 798-6624.




To All Parents of

AVRSB Students


Dear Parents:


The 2008-2009 budget process was a difficult one for the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board.  Several reductions in services had to be made in order to balance the budget.  While we were able to avoid making school-based cuts to staff, if the funding for education does not improve in the next budget year, that will not be the case again.  We will, as always, make every effort to minimize the impact on students.


We hope you will support us in our desire to ensure that education is funded appropriately in the future.


Yours in Working Together for Students,


Lavinia Parrish-Zwicker                                                                    Norman Dray

Board Chair                                                                                        Superintendent of Schools



Alexander Society For Special Needs

After-school programs for Teens with learning challenged and special needs; everyone is welcome:

An exciting and fun-filled after-school program that includes Drama, Storytelling, Movement, Music, Painting, Drawing and Crafts.  A volunteer will be available for each participant who needs one-on-one support.

Starts Thursday October 2, 2008 from 4:30-6:00 and runs 10 weeks at the Wolfville Anglican Church Hall.

For more information and registration, please call Kathleen at 582-3888 or email kp@alexandersociety.org   Website: www.alexandersociety.org


Volunteers needed to assist in after school programs for children and teens with Special Needs, Mondays or Thursdays starting October.   


Thank You

Avon View High School would like to thank Atlantic Superstore for lending the apple trees for our prom in June 2008.


Grad Fees


Graduates are reminded that you are required to pay a $40 graduation fee by April 1st.  This covers:

1)      Cap and gown (student keeps cap)

2)      The cost of the graduate folder in which the certificate is inserted

3)      Award certificates

4)      Reception following graduation


Student Council


Hey AV!

It’s Tricia and Nicole here, we are your ministers of communications.  We just want to welcome you back to the school year and we hope you have all had a wonderful summer and an excellent first month of school!  We will do our best to keep everyone up to date on all of the events happening during the school year and balancing our busy schedules.


Keep an eye on the AV school calendar which is consistently being updated with the events and happenings around the school!  Bear with us concerning the video announcements; we will have those up and running as soon as possible!  IF anyone has any ideas, comments or concerns, feel free to email us at: tsanford1@student.ednet.ns.ca or vanvesn@student.ednet.ns.ca

                                                                        Keep talking!!!

                                                                                    T & N

Grad 09 Sweatshirts


Orders will be taken for the 09 Grad sweatshirts from October 6th to November 7th.  The cost is $55 and must be paid at the time the order is placed.  Delivery will be before Christmas.  Colors available are grey, white and navy.  Sizes range from S to XXL.  This is a one time order and the grad sweatshirt will not be available for purchase after this date.  Please see Ms. Snow to place your order.


Cadet Program


The Windsor Fire Department will be holding information sessions shortly for a new Cadets program.  This program is open to youth aged 16-18 years inclusive, who wish to learn firefighting skills and contribute back to the community.  This will be an ongoing program, and there is no charge to the participants.  Information sessions will be held Saturday, October 11th, 1pm at Station #1, 100 King Street, Windsor, and Sunday, October 19th, 1pm at Station #2, 1884 Highway 14 in Vaughan.  To pre-register or for more information, please contact Captain Jamie Juteau at 798-4727, email jamie.judeau@ns.sympatico.ca or Captain Tim Frenette at 790-1748, email tfrenette@ns.sympatico.ca






There are yearbooks from year 2006-2007 available for sale at the office for $10. Please call 792-6740 for further information.  Watch announcements closely for this years sales.



Classique Class Rings


Classique Class Rings will be here next week on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, October 1st, 2nd, & 3rd, to sell graduation rings.  Classique will be set up in the main lobby at Noon Hours.  A $60 deposit is required when ordering.  Classique will also be hosting a SPECIAL PARENT EVENING on Thursday Night October 2nd, in the main lobby from 6-8pm.  Brochures and pricelists are available in homeroom or office.


Boy’s Volleyball


The boys started the season strong winning the silver medal at the CEC tournament in Truro on September 19th and 20th, displaying amazing enthusiasm and desire.  First home games were held on September 23rd against West Kings and Horton, in which the boys came away with two strong wins.  Next home games are on Tuesday, November 4th.  Other plans for the season include the Dalhousie tournament on October 10th and 11th and a trip to PEI for a tournament at West Isle on October 24th and 25th




Mike Isaac


Brad Garland


Arthur Hollett


Brad Annand


Kiel Mosher


Jared Brown


Mike Barnaby


Adam Derby


Jordan Raftus


Troy LaQuant


Peter Marsh


Kyle Burgess



Coach – Mr. Easton




Curling registration will be held on October 27 & 28 from 6pm-8pm at the new Curling Club on 174 Grey Street.

Junior Curlers (Middle School & High School) will be curling on Tuesday & Wednesday from 5pm–6:15pm.

Little Rocks (Elementary School) will be curling on Mondays from 5pm-6:15pm.

Juniors cost is $65.00 for one child each additional child in same family is $30.00.

Little Rocks cost is $45.00 for one child each additional child in same family is $30.00.

For more information:

Juniors:  Ron   798-8109

Little Rocks:  Ray   792-1119



AV Football 2008


Dear Parents,


Welcome to our 3rd season.  It should be an exciting one.  We will be having a parent meeting this Wednesday the 27th at 6:00pm at AV.  I will meet you at the front doors of the school where we will proceed to a classroom for an information session and a Q and A.  Unlike some other sports we really need an active group of parents to come and help out the team.  We only have four home games and perhaps a playoff game and it is necessary to have a parent commit to at least one home game.  On Wednesday we will be choosing a lead parent to organize the group.  We had an excellent group the last 2 years but almost all have moved on since their sons have graduated.


The fee to play is $250, which sounds steep but is still cheaper than a hockey season or a basketball season.   If money is an issue there are two programs that I am aware of that you can apply to that will pay your fees for you:  Kidsport www.KidSport.ca which has an October 1st deadline or Jumpstart which is a Canadian Tire based one which has a September 19th deadline….applications can be had through me or Cathy Kehoe at the municipal recreation office 798-6938.



AV  vs Horton    Friday September 5  7pm    @ Acadia

AV vs  JLIllsley  Saturday September 13  4pm    @  AV

AV vs CK  Sunday September 21  5pm   @  Acadia

AV vs Dartmouth   Sunday  September 28  5pm  @ Burnside

AV vs CPA   Sunday October 5  1pm @  AV

AV vs JHGillis Saturday October 11 2pm  @ AV

AV vs CK Saturday October 18 11:30 am @AV

AV vs JLIllsley Saturday October 24   2:00pm @ Burnside


Any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call 792-1442. 


Yours in Football,

Jim Bryan

Athletic Director

Avon View High School 



Europe Trip March 2009


Over thirty students and parents, from our school, are still planning on the best European March Break ever – Italy and Switzerland.  There are still 3 places available on the trip so we are anxious to fill these spots with people who may never have such an opportunity again.  The cost and full itinerary are available from Mrs. Knowles, in room 221 or call for details.  We would love to have you join us.


We will fly into Lucerne, Switzerland and continue by bus, through the Italian Lake region to Venice, Florence and finally Rome.  Our fund raising activities continue with the Club 200 draws every Friday and the winners are announced on the school web page every week.  Later this fall we will be having another Penny Auction-we hope we will have the excellent turnout that we had last year.  Please listen for the dates which will be released as soon as possible.


Hope you can join us



Ann Knowles

Belinda Snow

Steve Carrington



High School Robot Programming Competition


A team of 4 students at Avon View High School are planning to attend the Annual High School Robot Programming Competition in the Annapolis Valley.  It is at Acadia University in November.


The team of 4 students plans to compete against other local high school teams from; West Kings and Northeast Kings Educational Center to  name a few.  The competition is open to any team of 3-4 students, grades 10-12, but it must include at least one female member.


This is an opportunity to win great prizes and to have another extracurricular activity available to students.


With the direction of, Ms. Perkins, a Technology Educator at Avon View High School, students are learning computer programming and investigating robot technology to prepare for this exciting competition.


For more information go to this website: cs.acadia.ca


If you are interested in this activity – please see Ms. Perkins at school in room 124, as more openings are possible.



Glooscap Archery Club


Glooscap Archery Club is having an open house on Sunday Night October 5th. The club is holding a membership drive during this time. The Club has existed since the early 1960’s and we continue to be one of the best Archery facilities in the province of Nova Scotia. Primarily we are a “Bowhunting” club with a small interest in target archery. Every year we host at least two province wide shooting Tournaments with 3-D targets. If you think you might be interested in learning more about archery and Bowhunting please join us on the above dates at 6pm.

You may also contact the club by e-mail: wileg1@staff.ednet.ns.ca

or Phone Gary at 684-9442


  Canadian Parents for French-Nova Scotia


“Canadian Patents for French (CPF) is the national network of volunteers that values French as an integral part of Canada and is dedicated to the promotion and creation of French second language opportunities for young Canadians.  Through our local Chapters, we work with teachers, principals, administrators, trustees, and other community leaders to maintain and strengthen French second language programs in Canadian schools.  We offer workshops for parents and provide access to information and resources for all French language students through our website www.cpfns.ns.ca.  If you would like a free copy of our latest newsletter, or if you would like to join Canadian Parents for French-Nova Scotia for just $25.00 a year, please contact us by mail at cpf@ns.sympatico.ca , by phone at 453-2048, toll-free within NS at 1-877-CPF-5233, by fax at 455-2789 or by writing to us at CPF-NS, 8 Flamingo Drive, Halifax, NS B3M 4N8


Thank you very much,


Marilyn Massi-Clarke

Branch Coordinator



October           1st                    Wednesday                 Lifetouch Picture Retakes

                        3rd                    Friday                         Terry Fox Event

                                                                                    Early Dismissal (PEBS)


8th                    Wednesday                 Gr. 12 Parent Information Night 7-8 pm       13th                  Monday                      Thanksgiving

                        14th – 23rd       Tuesday                      Graduation Photos


                        16th                  Thursday                    Staff Meeting

                        17th                  Friday                         Post Secondary Info Day 1:40-3:20

                        24th                  Friday                         Provincial Conference Day

                        27th                  Monday                      E-Grade Reports/Newsletter

                        29th                  Wednesday                 Dance

                        30th                  Thursday                    Early Dismissal (Equity)

                                                                                    Parent/Teacher Night (7:00-9:00pm)

                        31st                  Friday                         In-service a.m. (Curriculum Assessment)

                                                                                    Parent/Teacher (1:00-3:30 pm)