January 2009


Principal’s Message

Happy New Year!!!!

The end of the first semester is fast approaching.  Students’ minds should be turning to exam preparation.  Sitting down and making up a schedule for review is important for success.  Students should be making use of extra help offered by teachers and participating in review activities.


The exam schedule is included in this newsletter.  Some of our courses have exams in class time so these courses are not included in the schedule.  Students should only attend school on days they have an exam to write.  Students are also permitted to go home after their exam if they have transportation.  The buses run on the same schedule as usual.


Second semester will begin on Monday February 2nd .  If students need to reexamine the courses they have scheduled they should do so during the week of exams by making an appointment with student services.


Please join us in reminding students that they are not permitted to use cell phones during classes.  This includes all incoming and outgoing calls and/or texts.  If there is a situation that you need to speak with your student, please call the school’s office and they will be called to the phone.  Cell phones become a disruption during instructional time.


My congratulations to those students who have graduated at the end of first semester.  We will see you at the graduation ceremony in June.


If you have any questions or concerns please no not hesitate to contact the teacher involved or any of the administrators.


Doug Keyes

Acting Principal


792-6740 (phone)

792-6762 (fax)

E-mail Address avhs@avrsb.ednet.ns.ca



Annapolis Valley School Board

Mr. Larry Frenette the principal of Avon View is retiring at the end of this school year.  Part of the process to select a new principal involves input from parents.  Allen Hume, Director of Human Resources (Annapolis Valley Regional School Board), will be present at the school on Tuesday January 13 at 7:00 pm to discuss characteristics parents feel the new principal should possess.


Student Services Department

Parents as Career Coaches


Parents as Career Coaches is a program put on by the Nova Scotia Department of Education whereby parents can take an active role in supporting their child in career decision-making.  The program attempts to help parents in gaining a better understanding of post-secondary options, the changing labour market and career building skills.


If there are any parents interested in “Parents as Career Coaches”, please call Mrs. Hughes at 792-6743 by January 26, 2009.  If enough interest is shown, the sessions will be taking place on February 5, 12, and 19 from 6:30 to 9:00 in the Seminar Room at Avon View High School.


Career/Course Selection Presentations.


All grade 10 and 11 students have had or will have participated in a one hour career/course selection presentation by the end of this semester.  During this presentation school councellors and administration have attempted to:


1)      Encourage students to actively begin to seek out possible career/post-secondary education options. a) Demonstration of the use of career crusing , a computer program available to students both at school and at home has been a focus of the presentation b) Reminder to students of the benefits of using student services resource area to view calendars, brochures, etc. from colleges and universities will hopefully motivate students to begin their “possibilities for our future” search.

2)      Emphasize the necessity for students to select courses for next year that will be appropriate for them. Changing courses in September 09 is being discouraged – as it has been difficult in the past to maintain workable class sizes when students have changed their minds after staff has been assigned to specific courses.

3)      Help students to realize the limitations of scheduling if students have chosen to be in many areas of specialization (ie French Immersion, Science, Music, IB, etc.)  There will be a need for students to make tough choices in many instances.


*We encourage you to encourage your child to begin or to continue to look into the many career and educational options available, as he/she approaches the end of his/her high school years. If you have any questions, please contact:  Mrs. B Hughes at 792-6743

                                                                                                Ms. J Fraser 798-6631



Letter to Parents/Guardians of Potential Graduates:


As 1st semester draws to a close, we realize that some of our graduates will complete the graduation requirements by the end of 1st semester.  We would like to provide some guidelines that might be helpful in planning for graduation on Friday, June 26, 2009.


While this notification is directed to parents of all potential graduates, it must be pointed out that the graduation is only finalized following the results of the Promotion Board on June 23rd.  We expect graduate lists to be posted on the front door of the school at approximately 5 p.m. on Wednesday, June 24, 2009.


We sincerely hope that the following reminders, dates, and suggestions will be a source of help and direction during the last few days of your child’s senior year.


  1. Yearbooks  - the last chance to order a yearbook will be the last two weeks of 


  1. Yearbook Grad Write Up – Due in to Issac Porter by February 10th.
  2. Graduation Fee - $35.00 – due May 1st (covers gown rental, folders, certificates)


Friday, June 19 – Mon. June 22       Students and parent volunteers required to help

                                                            decorate gym for prom.  Please call the school at

                                                            (792-6740) if able to help.


Tuesday, June 23                               Prom Parade route and time to be announced at a later date.                          


Wednesday, June 24                         Grad Lists posted on front door at 5:00 p.m.


Thursday, June 25                             Graduation Practice 10:00 am (attendance is

                                                             mandatory for all grads) – transportation is the  

                                                             responsibility of the students (no buses running).


Tickets for graduation to be picked up from Mr.  McDiarmid  (4 per graduate).  Seating is first come, first served.


Caps and Gowns to be picked up between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. and after practice in room 129.  Grad Fee of $35. must be paid before receiving gown.  This covers:

-         shipping and handling of gowns

-         cost of grad folders

-         award certificates

-         caps (students keep these)

                                                      *** GOWNS MUST BE RETURNED

 immediately after graduation or an $80.00 fine will be charged!

Friday, June 26                                  Grad Slide Show – 9:00 – 9:45am (gym for guests)

                                                            Graduation – 10:00 am

Graduates should be at the school at 9:00am on Friday, June 26th  so that they can line up for the processional.

10:00 am - Graduation – followed by refreshments in the cafeteria.


A more detailed description of grad week activities will be available at the Student Services Office by mid- June.

** Students eligible to graduate after 1st semester – Be Sure:

  1. You have done a credit check with your guidance counselor to ensure you are eligible to graduate.
  2. Informed the secretary of your grad gown size.
  3. Informed Student Services of your post grad. plans or destination.
  4. Paid your grad fee of $35 by May 1st.
  5. Ordered your yearbook and submitted your grad write up before Jan.31st.


French Department:  Summer French program and Quebec exchange. 


Below is a description of two separate programs to help Avon View students who wish to improve their French and  experience of French culture firsthand.


Explore!  Offers summer French programs at Universities across francophone Canada including Quebec City, Universite Laval in Montreal and l’Universite Ste. Anne in Clare County Nova Scotia.  This program is available to any grade 11 and 12 students regardless of their level of French.  The Explore! Program is adapted to ALL levels of proficiency and has been running for several years with great success.  The response from students has been overwhelmingly positive.  Not only have students built strong friendships, but have made impressive progress in their level of French proficiency.


A $200.00 bursary is available which covers nearly all of the costs of the program.  The deadline for bursary applications is February 28th.  Further information and necessary forms can be found at www.myexplore.ca  or contact M. Popma at Avon View High School.


The second program is a 3 month exchange where a student from Quebec spends 3 months here at Avon View and lives with the family of an Avon View student who will then return to Quebec where they will be likewise billeted.


Immersion at the deep end

The Nova Scotia Department of Education and le department de programmes de francais langue seconde (Department of second langueage programs) is offering students a chance to embark on a 3 month exchange in Quebec for the 2009-2010 school year.  This exchange does not conflict with summer French programs.


In 2007-2008, Avon View sent 3 students on this exchange.  Their response was overall very positive and so we are pleased to once again offer this opportunity to Avon View students.


The application process will begin immediately with two general information sessions held at noon hour for all those interested.  Interested parents are of course welcome to contact M. Popma at the school for any additional information.


It is a sincere hope that we can continue to encourage our students to seek out a true French immersion experience and take advantage of the personal, intellectual and linguistic growth these programs provide.


Thank you, merci


Student Support Worker

Here are some important dates to keep in mind.

  1. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday
  2. African Heritage Month Ideas-please see the Student Support Worker
  3. African NS Youth Conference grades 9-12.  Time 9:00 am-2:00 pm
  4. African Youth Talent Show at KCA on February 29, 2009 from 6:30 pm-8:30 pm


Maggie Burrell

Student Support Worker 798-662

Student Council


Hey Everyone!

 Well it’s back to school again.  We hope that everyone has a great and safe break.  We wish you the best of luck with the up-coming exams.  Remember, study, study, study!


Things were very busy here at Avon View.  We want to thank all the staff and students of Avon View, who successfully raised $300.00 and collected 1,497 food items.  These food items and money went to the Windsor and District which made someone’s Christmas even better.  Great job Avon View.


We also want to thank everyone who helped with semi formal.  It was a great success!  Everyone had a blast and looking amazing.  Our next dance will be Thursday, February 12th.


Last but not least, we want to send out a very big thank-you to the students who organized the Human Rights Assembly.  That’s right, our own students here at Avon View held the Human Rights Assembly.  Students Jessica Rafuse and Betty Jo Leopold got students to help with their $1.00 to make a difference, clean water project for Kenya, Africa.  In total they raised $314.00.  We also had a presentation about afrICAN help started by Jessica Meldrum and Shelby Burton.  They are trying to raise awareness for the children in Africa.  12 year old Logan McGilvery came and spoke about his project, Listen to the Children.  Congratulations to those students who put together this assembly, it was very well done.


That’s all our news for the month.  Keep an eye out for our next entry.  And remember, you can always contact us by email at vanvesn@student.ednet.ns.ca or tsanford1@student.ednet.ns.ca . We’d love to hear from you!


Keep Talking!




January 2009





Mon. Jan 26th

A. M.








Chance -Harrison







NSE Math 12

Pre Calculus 12

Math WKPL 12

Advanced Math 11

Math 11

Math 10

Math 10+


Tues. Jan 27th

A. M.


















NSE English 12

NSE English Communications 12

English 11 IB

English 10 IB Prep


NSE English 12

NSE English Communications 12

Geography 10

Wed. Jan 28th

A. M.




P. M.









Chemistry 12

Chemistry 11

Science 10


Canadian History 11

Thurs. Jan 29th


A. M.



P. M. 









Physics 11

Oceans 11


History 12 IB

History 11 IB

History 10 IB Prep

African Canadian Studies 11

Mi'K MAQ Studies 10


Fri. Jan 30th

A. M.



P. M.






Biology 12

Biology 11


Accounting 11





January                 12th                         Monday                  E-Grade Reports/Newsletter

                                15th                         Thursday               Staff Meeting      

                                26th                         Monday                  NS Math Exam

                                27th                         Tuesday NS English Exam

                                28th                         Wednesday           NS Chemistry Exam

                                30th                         Friday                    Exams End


February               2nd                           Monday                  1st teaching day of 2nd semester       

                                                                                                Early Dismissal (PEBS)

                                9th                           Monday                  Marks to Office 9:00 am

                                12th                         Thursday               Staff Meeting

                                                                                                Dance 7:30-10:30 pm

                                13th                         Friday                    Report Cards Released/Newsletter

                                27th                         Monday                  Course Fair Day Grades 9 & 10

                                                                                                No School Grades 11-12

                                                                                                Early Dismissal (Transition)


March                    2nd                           Monday                  E-Grade Reports/Newsletter

                                2nd-6th                     Monday

                                                                Friday                    On-line Registration

                                9th                           Monday                  International Women’s Day

12th                         Thursday               Staff Meeting

                                13th                         Friday                    Last Teaching Day before March Break

                                                                International Day for the Elimination of Racial 



16th – 20th              Monday                  March Break


 23rd                        Monday                  1st teaching day after March Break


April                      6th                           Monday                  E-Grade Reports/Newsletter

                                8th                           Wednesday           Early Dismissal (Wellness)

                                                                                                Parent/Teacher (7:00- 9:00 pm)

                                9th                           Thursday               In-service am (Assessment)             

                                                                                                Parent/Teacher (1:00-3:30 pm)

                                10th                         Friday                    Good Friday

                                13th                         Monday                  Easter Monday

                                14th                         Tuesday 1st day of Term 4

                                16th                         Thursday               Staff Meeting

                                20th                         Monday                  Marks to Office 9:00 am

                                24th                         Friday                    Report Cards/Newsletter


May                        6th                           Wednesday           Early Dismissal (SSP)

                                11th                         Monday                  E-Grade Reports/Newsletter

                                14th                         Thursday               Staff Meeting


                                15th                         Friday                    International Day against Homophobia


18th                         Monday                  Victoria Day

                                29th                         Friday                    Last Day for School Trips

                                                                                                In-service Day (SSP)         


June                       11th                         Thursday               Staff Meeting

                                12th                         Friday                    NS Math Exam

                                17th                         Wednesday           NS English Exam

                                19th                         Friday                    NS Chemistry Exam

                                22nd                         Monday                  Last day of Exams

                                23rd                         Tuesday Marking Day


                                24th                         Wednesday           Marking Day

                                25th                         Thursday               Marking Day

26th                         Friday                    Graduation

29th                         Monday                  Grade 10 & 11 Closing

                                                                Last Day of School