February 2009


Principal’s Message

With this newsletter, you are receiving your student's report card with their marks for first semester.  If a student has semestered courses these are final marks and for year long courses they are mid course marks.  Yearlong courses are half over therefore students should be working on improving or maintaining their results.  Teachers are available for extra help if they are asked.


The reports also include your student's attendance in each class.  Lack of attendance is the main cause of academic difficulties.  Please use this time to congratulate your student for their good attendance or encourage them to work on improvement.


Second semester has got underway smoothly.  Students should be settling into their classes and should have shared with you their schedule and the course outlines for the new classes they are taking.


February is African Heritage Month and the school will hold several events.  Students will be participating in an assembly late in the month with Taryn Della.  Ms Della has a very engaging program that will motivate students to think about differences in culture.   Students will also have the opportunity to participate in a creative expression contest sponsored by the Windsor African Education Committee.  This same committee will also work with our drama students to present an event on February 19th.


Students will begin to select their courses for next year the first week of March.  Course calendars will be sent home in the next couple of weeks.  Grade 9 students from West Hants Middle School, Uniacke District School and grade 10 students from Avon View will participate in a course fair on March 2nd.  This day is an early dismissal and grade 11 and 12 students will not have school this day.  In the afternoon grade 9 teachers will participate in an inservice with Avon View teachers.


I direct your attention to the school's website (www.avhs.ednet.ns.ca).  The website includes the daily announcements, teachers' email addresses, and important dates.


I invite you to contact the school when you have any concerns. 


Phone Number (902) 792-6740

Fax Number (902) 792-6762

E mail Address avhs@avrsb.ednet.ns.ca


Doug Keyes

Acting Principal



Annapolis Valley Regional School Board

From:  Lavina Parrish Zwicker, Board Chair

             Margo Tait, Superintendent of Schools


Educational Funding:  Last fall AVRSB sent out a letter to all parents warning of the consequences of the under-funding of education in the 2009-2010 budget year.  When considering the present financial situation prevailing in our country, it is important to renew our discussions concerning the importance of funding education appropriately in the 2009-2010 budget year.


Due to financial pressures, we made serious cuts to programs, transportation, and maintenance in the last budget.  We used accumulated surplus to balance the budget and, as you are aware, funding from surplus is a one time solution that cannot continue.  This year our Board needs  a 4.5% increase in funding to continue to offer the same level of services as it does now.  Any less than this will result in staff cuts in schools and across the system. 


Staff cuts will mean increased class sizes and fewer program offerings in our schools.  Programs for students such as music, physical education, special education, and many other important parts of your children's education will be threatened if appropriate funding is not received.  The variety of high school offerings will also be in question if staffing levels are reduced.


This is serious situation that requires immediate and serious action.  We would appreciate your support in advocating with local and provincial politicians to help us make the case that education funding is important.


Parenting our Challenging Teen

Does your teenager display non-compliance, defiance, or oppositional behaviour?  Do you need help to manage these behaviours? If so, consider enrolling in: "Parenting Your Challenging Teen"

This course is of considerable value to parents who have children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD).  Parents who have teens with other mental health problems can also benefit from the group provided that defiant behaviour is a problem with the teen.  Any parent can attend and benefit from the group:  your teen does not have to be a registered client at AVH Child and Youth Mental Health Services.

When? Mondays, February 1-th to April 20th, 2009 from 10-11:30 am

Where? AVH Chipman

Register for "Parenting Your Challenging Teen" Course by calling Child and Youth Mental Health Services at 679-2873 and ask for Marie or Judy.


ADHD Presentation

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can significantly undermine a student both socially and academically.  Please join us for information session on the assessment and treatment of ADHD, offered by psychiatrist Doctor Lorraine and psychologist Doctor Robin McGee.  We will meet in the Seminar Room of Avon View High School on February 25th. From 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

Dr. Robin McGee

Registered Psychologist


(902) 670-5607



KidSport is a national children's charitable program that helps kids overcome the financial barriers preventing or limiting their participation in organized sport. Kidsprit Nova Scotia provides funding of up to $300 per year, per child for sport registration and/or equipment.  Applications are accepted six times per calendar year; deadlines are January 1st, March 1st, May 1st, July 1st, September1st and November 1st.

The Need for KidSport: > One-third of Canadian parents with children under the age of 18 have been unable to register their children in organized sports due to expenses.

> According to statistics, over 47,000 Nova Scotian children live below the poverty line.  With the increasing costs associated with playing organized sports, each year thousands of Nova Scotia's children are prevented from participating.

Go to http://www.sportnovascotia.ca/kidsport/chapters/index.htm to download an application.


African Heritage Month

Come celebrate African Heritage Month by participating in the talent show at lunchtime.  Acts are 1-3 minutes long. Registration sheets at students services.

Taryn Della-comedian on February 20th

Youth talent show at KCA- 6:30-8:30 pm

African NS Skills Conference at NSCC Kingstec- February 18th (storm date is February 20th)


Maggie Burrell

Student Support Worker



Student Council

Exams are finally finished!  On behalf of our Student Council, we would like to start second semester off with a bang AV!

Student Council is hard at work prepping for Avon View's annual Winter Carnival and we would love your ideas.  If you have any thoughts or event ideas, we want to hear from you!  You can write down your idea and slide it under the Student Council door or you can email it to: tsanford@student.ednet.ns.ca  or vanvesn@student.ednet.ns.ca

February is a busy month and will likely fly by.  Let's not forget you can get involved with your Student Council.  Have an idea for a stage event?  Maybe just some feedback! We are all ears fellow students, come talk to us and we'll do our best to accommodate!

A note to all musicians and bands, the sign up sheet is still posted outside the Student Council door for any of you who want to perform on the stage at lunch hours. What better way to get discovered!

Keep Talking AV!

T & N



Prom Fashion Show

The Prom Fashion Show will be presenting the Third Annual Prom Fashion Show on Wednesday, February 25th at 7:00 pm in the cafeteria.  This event is a prom showcase of popular trends and styles from local businesses such as Winchester's Bridal and Formals, Alyssa's Formals, Daniel's Flowers and more.

The event also serves a much greater purpose as a fundraiser.  Draws will be held throughout the evening for door prizes, all of which will have been donated by members of our community. Admission to this event is only $3.00.  Come enjoy the show and show your support!


Important Dates


March             2nd                  Monday                      Course Fair Day Grades 9&10

                                                                                    No School Grades 11-12

                                                                                    Early Dismissal (Transition)

                        3rd                    Tuesday                      E-Grade Reports/Newsletter

                        3rd - 6th         Tuesday                      On-line Registration


                        9th                    Monday                      International Women’s Day

12th                  Thursday                   Staff Meeting

                        13th                  Friday                         Last Teaching Day before March Break

                                                            International Day for the Elimination of Racial 



16th – 20th        Monday                      March Break


23rd                  Monday                      1st teaching day after March Break


April               6th                    Monday                      E-Grade Reports/Newsletter

                        8th                    Wednesday                Early Dismissal (Wellness)

                                                                                    Parent/Teacher (7:00- 9:00 pm)

                        9th                    Thursday                   In-service am (Assessment)  

                                                                                    Parent/Teacher (1:00-3:30 pm)

                        10th                  Friday                         Good Friday

                        13th                  Monday                      Easter Monday

                        14th                  Tuesday                      1st day of Term 4

                        16th                  Thursday                   Staff Meeting

                        20th                  Monday                      Marks to Office 9:00 am

                        24th                  Friday                         Report Cards/Newsletter


May                6th                    Wednesday                Early Dismissal (SSP)

                        11th                  Monday                      E-Grade Reports/Newsletter

                        14th                  Thursday                   Staff Meeting


                        15th                  Friday                         International Day against Homophobia


18th                  Monday                      Victoria Day

                        29th                  Friday                         Last Day for School Trips

                                                                                    In-service Day (SSP)            


June                11th                  Thursday                   Staff Meeting

                        12th                  Friday                         NS Math Exam

                        17th                  Wednesday                NS English Exam

                        19th                  Friday                         NS Chemistry Exam

                        22nd                 Monday                      Last day of Exams

                        23rd                  Tuesday                      Marking Day


                        24th                  Wednesday                Marking Day

                        25th                  Thursday                   Marking Day

26th                  Friday                         Graduation

29th                  Monday                      Grade 10 & 11 Closing

                                                            Last Day of School