April 2009


Principal’s Message

Included with this newsletter is your student’s midterm report card.  This report shows assessment results and attendance for the first half of second semester. Please discuss these results with your student.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school and arrange a time to speak with the teacher involved.


I have the pleasure to announce that Tim Swinamer has been appointed vice principal at Avon View beginning August 1, 2009, Tim continues to fill in as an administrator for the remainder of this year.


Each year, many families remove their students from school for periods up to three weeks for family vacations.  Please note that this loss of time becomes more difficult to make up in high school.  Students must realize that it is up to them to catch up on missed work when they return to school.  Students should arrange to meet with teachers at recess and lunch to work on missed work.  Please note that teachers are not required to prepare work packages for this type of absence.  Given that the majority of material presented occurs verbally in class it is difficult for teachers to prepare work packages to cover missed work.  Participation in class activities is very important.  Please attempt to arrange vacations during school breaks.


As usual if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the school.


Doug Keyes

Acting Principal

Avon View High School

Phone Number           792-6740

Fax Number               792-6762

E-mail                         avhs@avrsb.ednet.ns.ca

Web-site                     www.avhs.ednet.ns.ca



Drama Department

Avon View's Annual Performance Evening

Wednesday, April 29th students from Avon View will be sharing their talent and hard work with friends, family and any other interested spectators at the Annual Performance Evening. The show which will include drama, dance, and music will start at 7:00 pm. Entrance is free but you will be able to make donations for our programs and buy refreshments at our bake table. Students from the Dance 11 and Phys Ed 10 classes will be presenting their dances in the cafeteria. Music 10, 11, and 12 students will be playing in the Music Room. Drama 11 students will be performing in the Drama Room. Art displays will be in the foyer. All are welcome to come out for this remarkable exhibition from our exceptional student body.


The Wiz Update

Actors, dancers, stage crew and technicians are all working furiously to get ready for this year’s production. THE WIZ is going to be lots of fun and entertainment for the whole family. Tickets will be $10 for adults and $8 for students and children. They will go on sale in early May. The performance dates will be May 28th, 29th, and 30th, so mark your calendars. You don’t want to miss this spectacular event. Contact: Jennifer DesLauriers (Director) 792-6740 for more information.


Five Plays from The Avon

On Thursday, May 7th, the Grade 12 students will present the plays that they have written, directed and rehearsed. Admission will be free but free will donations will be accepted. There will also be refreshments and baked goods available. The show will be in the cafeteria starting at 7 pm. There will be an opportunity to talk with the playwrights, actors, directors, and crew after the performance. The individual plays are: August and Adi , written by Brandon Wile, directed by Brianna deJong, and featuring Holli Lowe and Mike Crowell; That Last Night, written by Brianna deJong, directed by Trevor Parker, and featuring Emily Campbell and Jacob Williams; Sleepover, written by Emily Campbell, directed by Adele Rayworth, and featuring Brandon Wile and Scotty Lunn, Terror in the Heart, written by Jennifer DesLauriers, directed by Brittany Best, and featuring Christopher Dean and Johnny Moore; and He Changed Everything, written by Jessica Slauenwhite, directed by Nikki Meyer, and featuring Maranda Barker, Amelia Caldwell, and Jamie White. Come out and support their tremendous efforts.


Dance Informance

Coming up in June will be the Dance 11 final performance evening. Mark Monday, June 8th Times and details to follow.



English Department

On the afternoon of Tuesday, April 28th, Avon View students will attend an assembly to acknowledge Holocaust Remembrance Days.  The assembly is organized by English 12 students.  The presentation will include produced videos, poetry readings, musical performances, and special guest speaker, Mr. Philip Reitman, a holocaust survivor.  Any parents interested in attending this special event should

notify the office.  There is limited seating available.



Graduation Fee

Graduates are reminded to pay their GRAD FEE - $35.00- By MAY 1st to MR. ZWICKER.  This fee covers the cost of your cap and gown rental, folders and certificates.



Student Council

Well, this year is coming to an end, but we're not stopping yet!  We're busier than ever in Student Council, planning our Spring Carnival, Av's Got Talent and the Up coming elections.  Here is some more information…


AV'S Got Talent:  On April 27th we will be holding AV's got talent at lunchtime.  We'll have some teacher judges, as well as a special guest everyday!  So to all you students out there, if you have a talent, come on out and show us!

Retro Dance:  On May 14th we'll be holding the last dance of the year!  The theme is Retro!  So bust out your Elvis hair, and poodle skirts, and come dance the night away.  Tickets are $7.00, and will go on sale the day before, and day of the dance (don't forget your ID's!)  The grade 9's will also be attending this dance, so come on AV!  Let's show 'em what we got!


Spring Carnival: From May 11th to 15th we'll be holding our Spring Carnival>  We'll have activities such as; relay races at lunch, a retro fashion show to get your mind thinking about what your can wear to the dance, and the Car Show! 
So all you guys and gals out there shine up that truck or car.  This year is going to be a good one.  We've got judges coming in, and will have some great prizes for our winners!  We'll also be holding a BBQ that day; so
don't forget your money!


School Clothing:  to all you grads out there, don't forget about the school clothing!  We have plenty left.  We’ve still got the sweaters, sweatpants, and shirts with the AVALANCHE down the sleeve.  (They'd be great for Rugby)


Student Council Elections:  Hey all grade 11's.  Did you want to be in Student Council next year?  Well now's your time to find out.  Thursday April 30th @ 12:25 in room 204 is the place to go.  Ms Chance will be holding a meeting for ALL interested students.  The campaign will be from May 11th-15th and speeches will be held on May 19th - 21st.  If you have any questions fell free to stop and talk to Ms Chance at ANYTIME.  If you are looking for the schedule, it is posted out side the seminar room.  REMEMBER, if you want something changed in your school, now's your time to stand up; don't let it pass you by.  TRUST US, it's worth every moment of it.


We hope that you're enjoying the warm weather as much as we are, school is slowly coming to a close, but we're going to keep going till the end.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at tsanford1@student.ednet.ns.ca or vanvesn@student.ednet.ns.ca.


Keep Talking!

       T & N



Student Support Worker

Information for interested students:

1.  Black Youth Retreat for students in grade 11 & 12 on April 24th & 25th.

2.  University and NSCC Scholarship applications for students of African decent in 

     Student Services with SSW for grade 12 students.


Maggie Burrell

Student Support Worker

Phone: 792-6624

Fax:      792-6762



Foster Care

Do you have a stable, nurturing home available for a child or sibling group, on either a part-time or full time basis?  Right now, Foster Families, of any marital status are needed across Nova Scotia to provide care for children and youth of all ages. 

Extensive training and support is provided.  Please cal 1-800-565-1881 for information about fostering in your area.  It will be a rewarding experience!



West ants Baseball Association

Hants Baseball Association

Here is your chance to learn how to play baseball.  If you have ever wanted to be a ball player and were just looking for the right opportunity we have a great summer lined up for you.  Please contact one of the following members of our association and learn one of the greatest games ever played.

Registration: Saturday, April 25, 2009 or call Alex Sabean at 798-4184.

Ages 6-7         Ralley Cup

Ages 8-9         Rookie Ball

Ages 10-11     Mosquitos

Ages 12-13     Peewee

Ages 14-15     Bantam

Ages 16-17     Midget

Ages 18+        Intermediate and Senior

Additional contacts:

Lisa Caldwell 798-4184  email:  lisacaldwell@eastlink.ca

Cathy Kehoe 798-5887  email:  ckehoe@avonvalleyfloral.com

Jennifer Eldridge 684-0873  email:  jeldridge@eastlink.ca



Windsor Elms Village Fundraiser March 29th, 2009

Windsor Elms is happy to report a successful fundraiser event on Sunday, March 29th.  Thanks to the strong community support we received that included corporate and business sponsorship and contributions, donation of time and effort by many individuals, and all those who purchased tickets and attended the Event.  The Northwood Players were able to entertain our audience with a wonderful afternoon of Irish Music & More.


We wish to take this opportunity to especially thank the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board and Avon View High School, for not only donating the use of the high school and sound and light equipment, but for every individual connected to the school that gave of their time, skill, and effort, during and after the fundraiser event.


We would especially like to recognize the contributions of the following people in no certain order:


The "Spirit" of Avon View High School is certainly alive and adds great value to this community.  You all should be very proud!


Please visit our website at www.windsorelms.com - as we will soon be publishing a statement of funds raised.


With sincere thanks and gratitude,

Sherry Keen




Important Dates to Remember:


April                24th                  Friday                         Report Cards/Newsletter


May                6th                    Wednesday                 Early Dismissal (SSP)

                        11th                  Monday                      E-Grade Reports/Newsletter

                        14th                  Thursday                    Staff Meeting


                        15th                  Friday                         International Day against                                                                                                      Homophobia


18th                  Monday                      Victoria Day

                        29th                  Friday                         Last Day for School Trips

                                                                                    In-service Day (SSP)            


June                11th                  Thursday                    Staff Meeting

                        12th                  Friday                         NS Math Exam

                        17th                  Wednesday                 NS English Exam

                        22nd                 Monday                      Last day of Exams

                        23rd                  Tuesday                      Marking Day


                        24th                  Wednesday                 Marking Day

                        25th                  Thursday                    Marking Day

26th                  Friday                         Graduation

29th                  Monday                      Grade 10 & 11 Closing

                                                            Last Day of School