June 11, 2012



Dear Parents/Guardians:


The following are Graduation Guidelines which will inform you and your graduate of responsibilities related to the graduation.  It is hoped these guidelines will be helpful in planning for graduation week as well as the graduation on Thursday, June 28, at 10 a.m. in the gymnasium. 


While this notification is being sent to parents/guardians of all potential graduates, it must be pointed out that the graduation is only finalized following the results of the promotion board.  We expect the list of graduates to be posted on the front door of the school at approximately noon on Tuesday, June 26.


We sincerely hope that the following reminders, dates, and suggestions will be a source of help and direction during the last few days of your child’s senior year.


Important Dates:

Tuesday, June 19 to

Friday, June 22                                  - Graduation tickets are to be picked up from Mr. Harnish, Room 102 (4 per graduate).  There is no reserved seating.


Monday, June 25                              -   9 a.m. Grad Practice (attendance mandatory for all grads) – Buses run their regular times.



Tuesday, June 26                  -            Prom – The parade will be posted on the website, but will begin at the old train station and will move through town  along Gerrish St. to the community center.  (Parade line-up will be at  6:45 p.m.and the parade will begin at 7 pm) . The graduates will be dropped off at the end of the park and will walk through to the gazebo where they will be announced.              


                                                            The community center will be open to the public for viewing between 5 and 7pm for anyone who is interested in seeing the decorations. The building will be closed to everyone between 7 and 8:30 in order to allow the caterers to get set up. When the building re-opens at 8:30 it will be for Prom guests only. Dance – 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. 


Tuesday, June 26                         -     Posting of Grad List – noon - front doors of   Avon View


   Thursday, June 28                           -   8 a.m. Cap and Gowns to be picked up before the Graduation Ceremony in   Room 102.  Grad Fee of $60 to have been paid before receiving gown.  This covers:  

                                                                                    - shipping and handling of gowns

                                                                                                - cost of grad folders

                                                                                                - award certificates

                                                                                                - caps (students may keep these)


      It is recommended that reasonably light and appropriate clothing be worn under the gown as the weather may be warm.


      Grad slideshow 9 to 9:45 a.m. (shown in gymnasium for guests)


      GRADUATION 10 A.M.


      Graduates should be at the school at 8 a.m. on Thursday, June 28 so they can get their gowns and line up for the processional.


      - 10 a.m. Graduation

      - followed by refreshments (guests welcome) in cafeteria




*Please note that this year, we are fortunate in being able to hire a professional photographer from Life Touch, who will take a picture of each graduate and prize winner.  The school will provide you with a photo of your child (no charge) to be picked up in the lobby following the refreshments.  Because of this service, we are asking that you not come to the front of the gym to take pictures of your child as this tends to cause congestion in that area and delay the proceedings.  We appreciate your co-operation regarding this matter.



We are also pleased to announce that we will be displaying a “Memory Table” in the lobby.  This table will contain brief biographies and a picture of several of the loved ones in whose memory many of our awards and prizes have been donated.  We invite you to visit this honourary table.


Pictures – students who receive special awards (i.e. Governor General’s Medal, Queen Elizabeth medal, Staff Trophy and the A.V.R.S.B. Award and students with Honors and Honors with Distinction are asked to remain in the gym and gather at the stage  immediately following the ceremony to have pictures taken for the local newspaper.


Textbook Return

Please ensure that all textbooks, fundraising responsibilities, library books, guidance materials, calculators and uniforms are returned or paid for so that certificates and marks can be released for graduation.  Books should be returned to your subject teachers on the day the examination is written or on the last day of classes (if exam is not written).


Destination following Gr. 12

Student should inform Student Services of their plans after Grade 12 (required by Department of Education).


Announcement of additional Scholarships/Prizes

If you wish for student scholarship offers to be announced at graduation, please have student inform Student Services by June 15.

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Final Transcripts

Students will be provided with one official sealed transcript in addition to their open copy.  It is the students’ responsibility to send their transcripts to the post-secondary institutions where they will study in the fall.


*AWARD Winners – Students who receive prizes at graduation are reminded to write thank you letters to the generous donors.  (See letter accompanying award.)


Should you wish any clarification or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.


Sincerely yours,



Peter Johnston