Avon View High School

Prom 2012


The Prom to celebrate this year’s graduates from Avon View High School is to be held on Tuesday June 26th from 9-11pm at the Windsor Community Center.


Tickets will be $25.00/person and are on sale every day at the school.

The parade map has been uploaded and requires that all those participating be at the train station by 6:45. The parade will begin as soon as we are lined up and ready to go, we are hoping by 7:30.

The Community Center will be decorated and ready for the event by 5pm on Tuesday and anyone who wishes to go in and have a look will need to do that when it is open to the public between 5pm and 7pm. Everyone will be asked to leave at 7pm in order to allow the caterers to work their magic. When the community center reopens at 830pm it will be to admit prom guests only. We really appreciate your cooperation with this.

 We at AVHS prom committee are committed to the best prom ever and are working very hard on the decorations and overall organization in order to make it a night to remember for everyone. We have some great ideas and are really hoping the weather will cooperate.  

If you are interested in getting involved do not hesitate to call the school and express your interest.

 Thanks for all the community support